…..A place designed to re-calibrate your internal clock during long haul journeys.

There are those airports which make you feel better, and there are those airports that, when you go there, your heart sinks: you cant wait to get out of there. They both function as airports, but its the things you cant measure that make them different.” – Norman Foster

Airports today have become one of the most important mediums for transport and communication. Passengers from all around the world travel to international destinations via airports. An Airport Lounge provides us as designers with some fantastic opportunities to contribute to the welfare and experiences of travel. Farokh Damania intends to design an Airport Lounge for the proposed new Terminal planned for development at Heathrow Airport by 2030. The new terminal will elevate Heathrow’s status into an International Hub much like the airport in Dubai. Once this gets under way, people from a wide range of time zones will visit this airport.

‘Hyperlapse’ Airport Lounge a proposed annexe for the International Airport hub at Heathrow in London designed with the key focus of tackling the issue of jet-lag associated with International travel. Farokh Damania’s design focuses upon creating an entirely unique experience where passengers can enjoy time in spaces that will help to recalibrate their internal clocks. The design is layered into three levels each simulating a time zone that reflects their final destination. Each layer provides activities that reflect this time zone with daytime Parkland at the top level, an evening street scene in the middle and nighttime luxury hotel environment at the bottom. This final level is set below ground to help manage day lighting issues. By creating these spaces Farokh believes passengers can arrive refreshed and connected with their final destination’s time zone. The Airport Lounge building captures a sense of time through the development of three experiential levels. These are as follows:

Level 3: Day Time ‘Parkland’ Theme

The idea of a “Day Time” has been represented through creation of a Parkland Area. We tend to think of the outdoors in day and leisure time we enjoy is often enjoyed in city parks and rural settings. Passengers experience a very vibrant sense of the Day Time which is further enhanced through creation of a bright skyline, artificial clouds, natural trees, natural light, wind and grass that dominate the interior spaces. Passengers are also provided with a sense of transparency where they can view through discrete levels of the Airport Lounge with the help of organic shaped partially glazed flooring on each level.

Level 2: Evening ‘City Square and Urban Street Walk’ Theme
The evening time zone of Airport Lounge resembles the idea of a “City Square and Urban Street Walk”. Most of us are commuting in the evening, shopping, traveling home and enjoying the buzz of the city,sharing time with friends for a drink or a meal. Facilities such as restaurants, bars, retail shops, food stalls and relaxation areas are provided to enhance the ‘Evening Time’ theme. Water Mist is provided to enhance the beauty of its interiors and provide an evening atmosphere, more moody and a real change from the daytime experience.

Level 1: Night Time ‘5 Star Hotel’ Theme
This entire level represents a “Night Time” experience. The area is developed in an underground environment and no natural
light penetrates the space. When travelling we spend our night times in hotels so it makes sense to create a hotel type environment. The spaces are definitely Five Star where its passengers enjoy high quality hospitality and rooms to sleep, and napping areas for relaxing.

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Farokh Damania


Design by:
Farokh Damania


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