When Thura Zaw joined the MA it was his intention to expand his two dimensional Graphic design vocabulary into the realm of three dimensions. As a graphic designer he wanted new challenges and he could see the commercial potential for his own practice and how he could learn ways to design and visualise (using new modelling and rendering skills) interior retail environments.

“I decided to capitalise on my knowledge of branding to develop a new model for a strong, well defined and well established Brand client, in this case Armani. I also chose to explore how a Brand like Armani could present itself within an interior environment in the new emerging and potentially expansive markets in China.”

“Scarpa Randello is an Italian phrase that literally means Shoe Club. It is my intention to design a whole new luxury shopping experience for Armani that explores the relationship between the customer and the product.”

“At Scarpa Randello Armani customers are endowed with almost God like status as they enjoy personalised operatic experiences as they enter the club, have shoes developed that are completely unique to the customer, go deeper into the building through secret waterfall gateways, have their needs evaluated by a specialist clinical white coated team before rising to the clubhouse on the diamond lift. Once in the clubhouse guests enjoy specially y crafted meals whilst their shoes are fabricated in the science laboratory clean workshop below.”

The project is about creating new brand customer experiences that reflect the status of their clients. In doing this Thura has created a completely unique retail environment that goes well beyond any ordinary retail store. The experience itself strengthens the brand and reinforces brand values.

For more information please visit: http://thura.knight-media.co.uk/

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